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Welcome to Jatayu Unmanned Technologies

Jatayu Unmanned Technologies specializes in Artifical Intelligence based Civil and Defense solutions. We are authorized by the Indian government to conduct research, develop, and manufacture unmanned systems and technology.

About Us

Discover a drone that combines human creativity and technical advancement - all in one drone.


Jatayu Unmanned Technologies is constantly working towards innovation. Our team recognizes the need of state-of-the-art technology in the industry and the growing trends of Unmanned Systems in India and abroad.

Our efforts are to successfully integrate this technology for better engineering applications. We have developed multiple UAS platforms for a myriad of drone-based solutions.

Our all-weather, all-terrain systems have proven themselves in the field time and again. Our specialities are in the field of Civil & Defense and we continuously operate in the private & commercial space.

  • Military purpose
  • Surveillance
  • Crop protection
  • Photography
  • Security

Any aircraft or flying machine operated without a human pilot such machines is called an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). It can be guided autonomously or remotely by a human operator using on board computers and robots.


Any aircraft or flying machine operated without a human pilot such machines is called an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). It can be guided autonomously or remotely by a human operator using on board computers and robots.

Agricultural surveys

Agricultural drones reshape farming, transforming practices in recent years. Multi-role UAS inspect storm damage, track crop growth, ensuring vitality. Leveraging AI and advanced sensors, we analyze ground comprehensively. Our heavy-lift UAS handle tasks like crop dusting, optimizing efficiency. These innovations boost yield, sustainability in modern agriculture.

Oil pipeline surveys

In order to support complex projects, we use the latest technologies for fast and accurate data collection for oil and gas development. The Jatayu UAS platform is also high-endurance so it is used to carry out Oil & gas pipeline inspection across long distances and challenging terrain. We do extensive leak analysis using our on-board AI.

Geospatial mapping

Our UAS platforms can conduct thermal & IR analysis of any kind of terrain in any weather for a number of applications.
Integrating sensor data with terrain models we can use these systems for long-term & short-term prediction and fault analysis

Seed bombing operations

Our UAS platforms have the capability to capture ground images before dropping the seeds, and can geotag the path. Our high-pressure actuator based payload delivery system can launch seed bombs on designated spots. Subsequently, once every three months we can fly over that area and see the impact of dropping the seeds.

Power line/Tower inspection

The Jatayu UAS stands as a reliable solution for power line and tower inspection, validated through field operations. Harnessing AI capabilities, our platforms deliver in-depth comparison reports and predictive analyses for both power lines and main/relay towers. Equipped with state-of-the-art thermal and IR sensors, our UAS ensure accurate assessments and proactive maintenance strategies.


Our aerial photography and videography drones are professional systems built with a high-end camera to capture the details from the sky. These systems have multiple applications such as aerial cargo, surveying/ mapping, monitoring, search and rescue, aerial video and photography.

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In order to find and/or eliminate unlicensed drones, drone defense systems use radio frequency (RF) analyzers, acoustic sensors, optical sensors, radars, RF jammers, and high-energy lasers.

Special Reconnaissance missions

Our indigenously developed Combat Aerial Vehicle (CAV) excels in executing Special Reconnaissance (SR) missions with unparalleled precision. Employing advanced stealth and surveillance technologies, the CAV operates covertly, gathering critical intelligence in sensitive environments.

OLOS missions & Multi-terrain missions

Equipped with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, our UCAV platform seamlessly conducts OLOS (Over-the-Horizon Line-of-Sight) and Multi-terrain missions. By autonomously analyzing environmental data, our platform adapts to diverse landscapes, optimizing mission effectiveness and safety.

Assault UAS

The Assault UAS platform can be used for huge tactical and strategic battlefield operations.These systems can be fine-tuned for both covert & overt operations using advanced AI & Machine Learning. With its customizable configurations, the Assault UAS platform provides unparalleled versatility for a wide range of military applications, from reconnaissance to precision strikes.

Heavy payload delivery

For Defence related logistical operations, our heavy-lift UAS is built specifically to sustain challenging terrain & weather conditions. Tuned for all possible theater of operations across multiple pre-defined battlefield specifications, these systems can transfer almost any kind of material from point A to point B.


Our flagship product

Jatayu V2 Rifle Jammer

Technical Specification :
6-band handheld jammer

Jatayu Rhino

Technical Specification :
12-band suitcase jammer

Jatayu CDS-X

Technical Specification :
Vehicle Mounted Counter Drone System

Jatayu MPJx

Technical Specification:
Manportable Counter Drone System

Jatayu Aag Rakshak

Technical Specification:
Firefighting Drone

Jatayu V2 Drone

Technical Specification:
Surveillance Drone

Jatayu AIM-X

Technical Specification:
India's first Combat Ready UAV

Jatayu EMS

Technical Specification:
Emergency Medical Service Drone



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