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Jatayu Unmanned Technologies specializes in Artifical Intelligence based Civil and Defense solutions. We hold licenses from Government of India for Research, Development & Manufacturing of Unmanned Systems & Technology.


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Our Specialities

Jatayu Unmanned Technologies is constantly working towards innovation. Our team recognizes the need of state-of-the-art technology in the industry and the growing trends of Unmanned Systems in India and abroad. Our efforts are to successfully integrate this technology for better engineering applications. We have developed multiple UAS platforms for a myriad of drone-based solutions. Our all-weather, all-terrain systems have proven themselves in the field time and again. Our specialities are in the field of Civil & Defense and we continuously operate in the private & commercial space. Our ideology aligns with the Make-In-India initiative as up to 98% of our product platforms are designed, developed & manufactured inhouse in our facility in Mumbai, India.



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Agricultural surveys

Agricultural drones have been changing the face of farming and cultivation heavily the past 3-5 years, and completely changing the way that many farmers and other entities go about their business. Our multi role UAS platforms have the ability to check storm damage, monitor crop progress, and make sure that both crops and herds are healthy. Using indigenously designed Artificial Intelligence software, we can do extensive ground analysis using advanced thermal & Infrared sensors. Our heavy-lift UAS can also carry out payload-sensitive missions like crop dusting, insecticide spraying, etc.

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Geospatial mapping

Our UAS platforms can conduct thermal & IR analysis of any kind of terrain in any weather for a number of applications. Integrating sensor data with terrain models we can use these systems for long-term & short-term prediction and fault analysis.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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Power line/Tower inspection

The Jatayu UAS has been proven on the field to conduct power line and tower inspection. Our platforms use AI to provide a thorough comparison report and predictive analysis for both power line and main/relay towers using advanced thermal & IR sensors.

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Oil pipeline surveys

In order to support complex projects, we use the latest technologies for fast and accurate data collection for oil and gas development. The Jatayu UAS platform is also high-endurance so it is used to carry out Oil & gas pipeline inspection across long distances and challenging terrain. We do extensive leak analysis using our on-board AI.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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Seed bombing operations (Afforestation using UAS)

Our UAS platforms have the capability to capture ground images before dropping the seeds, and can geotag the path. Our high-pressure actuator based payload delivery system can launch seed bombs on designated spots. Subsequently, once every three months we can fly over that area and see the impact of dropping the seeds.

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Aerial photography

Our aerial photography and videography drones are professional systems built with a high-end camera to capture the details from the sky. These systems have multiple applications such as aerial cargo, surveying/ mapping, monitoring, search and rescue, aerial video and photography.



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Special Reconnaissance missions

Special reconnaissance (SR) Mission is conducted by our indigenously developed Combat Aerial Vehicle. (Detailed information available on request).

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Assault UAS

The Jatayu Assault UAS platform can be used for a huge variety of tactical and strategic active battlefield operations. These systems can be fine-tuned for both covert & overt operations using advanced AI & Machine Learning. (Detailed information available on request).

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OLOS missions & Multi-terrain missions

Our UCAV platform can operate for OLOS missions & Multi-terrain missions using on-board Artificial Intelligence. (Detailed information available on request).

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Heavy payload delivery

For Defence related logistical operations, our heavy-lift UAS is built specifically to sustain challenging terrain & weather conditions. Tuned for all possible theater of operations across multiple pre-defined battlefield specifications, these systems can transfer almost any kind of material from point A to point B. (Detailed information available on request).


Jatayu Unmanned Technologies careers open the door for professional growth and development.You can work, learn and expand your skills in a variety of internships.


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1)UAV/DRONE Pilot Ex.6 Months
.Project operations on various locations & Flight Planning.
.UAV Repair & Maintenance
.Min.6 months of experince multi-copter UAV Flying.
.An Aero modeller.
2)Software Engineer Intern
3)Electronics Engineer Intern
.Sensor integration,PDB design,Basic Coding Using Andrino & raspberry pi
4)RF Engineer Intern for Drone
.Radio & Satellite Communication,Internet & Broadband Technologies,
.Wireless Communication System Design,
.Fundamentals of RF antenna design
Send Your resume to ucav@amanaviation.in

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